HBRC Chief Executive falls on sword

Former HBRC chairman Fenton Wilson with Andrew Newman.

Andrew Newman, the piggy-eyed Chief Executive of the Hawkes Bay Regional Council, has seen the writing on the wall over the dam and decided just six months into his cushy job call it quits. This shows the utter stupidity of Fenton Wilson appointing him to the role ahead of the local body elections.

Andrew Newman announced to regional council staff this afternoon that he has resigned.

According to sources he told staff at 4pm today, and will formally announce it at tomorrow’s council meeting. ?

There is no indication of when he will actually leave the post, but regional council communications staff say there will be a media release issued following that with more details.

Newman was only reappointed to the position last year, just before the local body elections, with a two year contract.

At the time then council?Chairman Fenton Wilson said in the next [current] Council term the organisation will face ongoing challenges and scrutiny around water management and policy development, and that it is vital to front foot this with strong leadership.

?As we move out of the detailed development phase of work with the Ruataniwha Scheme and the set-up of the regional investment company, HBRIC Limited, Andrew Newman can once again focus on taking HBRC forward with his dynamic and forthright approach,? he said.

Current HBRC chairman Rex Graham was contacted for comment, but was unavailable at time of publication.

The dam has been a costly exercise for the council, millions have been spent and it looks like the plan was dead from the get go over the DoC land. Newman is the second dam supporter to quit.

Andy Pearce went soon after the dynamics of the council changed at the local body elections next year, now all that is needed is for Fenton Wilson to show some integrity for once in his life and quit as well. He should at least answer questions as to why his pick for chief executive quit so quickly after his gold plated job began.

Meanwhile, I hope Newsman doesn’t let the door hit him in the arse on the way out.


– News Collective