HDPA nails Trump

Amazing how Heather du Plessis-Alan can do a good job when she doesn’t write about herself.

This could be like in The Matrix where you take the blue pill and go back to the false but happy reality you were living in, or take the red pill and accept the horrible truth of what the world really is.

What if it wasn’t a naive decision to temporarily halt immigrants from Muslim-majority countries? What if he did it because he knew as many as 49 per cent of Americans would support the move?

What if petulance wasn’t the reason Trump apparently hung up on one of his best allies, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. What if it was a power play to let every national leader know who’s boss?

And perhaps the Don wasn’t having a tantrum when he sacked the acting Attorney-General. What’s the bet no other career bureaucrats put their heads above the parapet now they’ve seen what happens?

If the Red Pill Trump is the reality – God help us – he’s is probably acting on instinct rather than political advice. Still, he’s running us through Machiavelli’s seminal guidebook on how to be a political leader, aka Evil Prince.

According to the 16th-century Italian philosopher, if you have to do unpleasant things, do them all in one day so people can get a fright and then get over it.

Given there aren’t enough hours in a day for Trump to dump all his unpleasant plans, he has stretched it out to a couple of weeks. Or a month. Or the first 100 days. Who knows how many more he has?

Also, in just the first fortnight, Trump has conditioned us for chaos. It’s a tactic he used during the election. He constantly kept his opponents and the media off balance. Before they even had a chance to scrutinise or debunk one shocking statement, he’d hit them with another equally crazy utterance.

Now, he’s hitting us with one crazy order after another until we become desensitised and used to chaotic politics. In a few months perhaps no one will bother to read about outlandish executive order 287.
The deliberate, considered Trump is way more scary than the naive, bumbling Trump, in the way an arsonist is way more scary than a child who accidentally sets the curtains on fire.

So far, the craziest things Trump has ordered he promised during the campaign. There are more, like targeting and killing the possibly innocent families of terrorists.

Take the red pill. Stop writing him off as a fool.

The media and the left are using such an extreme narrative with Trump that they have run out of hyperbole. ?There isn’t much beyond calling someone Hitler, and after that saying that he’s “unwise” or “poorly advised” is never going to make enough of an impact.

The problem is that they’re turning their own perception of Trump into some super-villain from a Marvel movie. They are giving him powers he doesn’t have while ignoring the real threat that he presents: ?he’s fearless, he’s surrounded himself with smart people, and he’s not scared to make mistakes.

The left also mistake people’s approval for what Trump does with approval for Trump’s behaviour. ?These are not the same thing. ?Yes, I enjoy the total chaos he’s created among the liberals, but that doesn’t mean I think all of it was a good idea. ?Nor is it sustainable for a full term.

It’s time people calm the bleep down. ?See the reality, not the hype created by all the Chicken Littles in Hollywood, politics and the media. ?Start thinking how to truly defeat Trump (if that is your goal) instead of rioting, writing angry columns and doing on-line petitions.

Being entitled snowflakes has left you with few tools to actually cope. ?Safe spaces is where you hide from reality. ?Yet reality moves on without you.

Take the Red Pill.

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