Help us decide on a Whaleoil slogan

The Merchandise survey has been very helpful. The majority by a small margin want the full Whaleoil logo on their Tee, and second equal in popularity is the Whale with the wording “Ground crew” and the whale with a new slogan to be discussed and voted for on the website.

Now before I go on I just want to assure those who want a polo?shirt not a Tee that we will be offering one but it will be a different polo style to the Staff one and the embroidered logo will not be the same. There is clearly a demand for them but I had to first make sure that we would be keeping our word about the polos that were sold in the past as exclusive and one-offs?that were the same as staff ones

Today I need you all to help us by brainstorming slogan ideas. If they are to fit on caps and mugs as well as Tees and possibly the Polos it is best to keep them as short as possible.

I will run a survey later where you all can vote on what everyone comes up with. In order to help me decide which slogans to include in the survey please upvote the ones you like the most.