Here’s another party the government could do without after the election

Between the grandstanding of Peter Dunne and the brown-mailing of the Maori party I think the government really needs to look a bit closer at other solutions for governing.

The Maori party has declared they will fight the government tooth and nail over legislation this year. With friends like them who needs enemies.

Maori Party co-leader Marama Fox is threatening to walk away from the Government over new legislation that doesn’t ensure Maori children are placed with whanau when the state removes them?from their home.

Prime Minister Bill English isn’t?budging?on the wording in legislation to overhaul Child, Youth and Family (CYF), which would remove the priority to place a child with a member of their family or wider hapu if possible or someone with the same cultural background.

“Just because we want to provide a safe and loving home doesn’t make it mutually exclusive to a Maori home,” Fox said.

“We’re not talking about putting a child back into an unsafe home – that’s stupid – but just because it’s a Maori home doesn’t make it an unsafe home and that’s where we want to make it explicit in the law.”

Fox said she’d “fight for this every day of the week”.

Really? And how many kids are bashed and killed by “whanau” each year Marama?

Look at those statistics and start fighting tooth and nail for the kids instead of grandstanding and using emotional brown-mail. But she goes on with her clap-trap.

When asked how big the issue was, she said, it was personally more important to her than the Kermadecs, which the Maori Party have previously said would force the party to abandon their agreement with National if the sanctuary went ahead.

“I’d walk away from the government over Maori children long before the Kermadecs any day of the week,” Fox said.

“If we get to a point where we can no longer agree then we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it

“We’ve already been assimilated and colonised once, we’ve already had children lost in the state system being sat under double jeopardy for doing nothing wrong, sexually abused, disconnected from their whanau.

“We can’t afford to have a new ministry built that doesn’t address those issues and continues to repeat the mistakes of the past,” she said.

And what about the dreadful Maori child abuse statistics? What are you going to do about that instead of trying to blame every ill in Maori on the white man.

Frankly, National’s supporters need to be saying to Bill English that the Maori party should be last cab off the rank in negotiations if they have an attitude like that.

I know of a National MP who made a spreadsheet in the 1990s that calculated how much money National had to throw at Maori to make their vote for National zero. That MP had worked out that the more money thrown at Maori meant a lower party vote from Maori electorates for National despite the settlement process.

With comment like that from Marama?Fox I think Winston Peters is becoming more appealing by the day.

All Marama Fox is trying to do is inflict another generation with being forced to live with rapey uncles and the rest of the booze and drug addled whanau. Does she not realise Once Were Warriors was a documentary?