Hey Bill, now that John’s gone, do you mind turning immigration down a tad?

RNZ reports

The number of people coming to New Zealand to live or visit is at a record high.

Official figures show more than 71,300 people settled here in the year to January, beating the previous annual record set a month earlier by 700.

The January month also set a new high of 6460 – the fifth successive month net migration has exceeded 6000.

At some point, enough has to be enough. ?We are having capacity problems across the board, from housing to education. ?

Migrant arrivals hit an all-time high of 128,300 in the January 2017 year, with about a third of the total being on work visas, while returning New Zealanders also figured prominently.

“About a fifth of all migrant arrivals were from Australia,” Statistics New Zealand population statistics senior manager Peter Dolan said.

“Almost two-thirds of the migrant arrivals from Australia were New Zealand citizens.”

That more than offset a decrease in students arrivals.

The fact that those grass-is-greener Kiwis are leaving Australia in droves is a good indication which country is doing better. ?And if it wasn’t for the student visas being seriously down, we would be looking at RAMPANT migration numbers. ?So there’s a bit of luck.

It is clear however that we need to catch up with ourselves. ?At an absolute minimum, we need to allow our infrastructure to catch up before allowing more refugees and migrants to settle here.

This would be a very good policy for any major party to push hard ahead of this election. ?It’s not xenophobic, it’s… common sense.