Hey Greg, explaining is…?

Greg O’Connor has been explaining…

Former Police Association boss Greg O’Connor has denied charges of being “a right-wing fascist” and come out in favour of legalising medicinal cannabis.

O’Connor, Labour’s candidate for the Ohariu electorate in Wellington, made the comments on the Labour-aligned blog The Standard.

They come after critics – including The Daily Blog’s Martyn Bradbury – slammed him for his stance on arming frontline cops.

Bradbury said O’Connor’s appointment was Labour’s “final mutation into National lite”.

Oh yes. ?As if appeasing Wrongly-Wrongson is the path to political redemption.

O’Connor, who was the president of the Police Association for more than 20 years, said the comments made for “interesting reading”.

“The theme running through much of the discussion seems to be that I’m a right-wing fascist who makes [North Korean dictator] Kim Jong-un look like some sort of pinko liberal pacifist.”

However, Labour was “the natural choice for me as a political party” and he was not a “Kiwi Putin intent on world (or even Ohariu) domination”, he said.

“As a long-term cop, and father of a special needs son, I have spent my life around people who, by accident of birth or circumstances, struggle to get by.”

Of course, everyone knows he is to the right of David Farrar

But?apparently, some of?his advocacy for the police was just a job. ?He didn’t actually believe in it personally.

O’Connor recently said he did not personally agree with arming police, but pursued the remit on behalf of Police Association members.

“My personal priority is to use any influence I have to make sure that we stop the flow of firearms to those who should never have them, while at the same time protecting the rights of legitimate users. That would negate the need for arming.”?

Former Labour Party president and political commentator Mike Williams said O’Connor had been perceived as conservative because of his stance on firearms, but he had simply been acting in accordance with the wishes of police union members.

He’ll do fine in Labour. ?If his position doesn’t quite fit, he has others.


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