Hey Labour, remember this guy?

Sir Owen Glenn is pledging $5 million towards the creation of a medical school in Waikato.

The 76-year-old philanthropist made the announcement at a function at Waikato University on Tuesday.

The medical school proposal, a joint initiative by Waikato University and the Waikato District Health Board, aims to reverse a shortfall of primary care doctors, especially in provincial and rural areas.

That man has done more for New Zealand and New Zealanders than the Labour party in the last decade. ?

Sir Owen said a new medical school and a new model of medical education was desperately needed in New Zealand.

He called on others “who can afford to do so” to lend their support.

Calling Gareth. ?Mr Gareth Morgan… where art thou? ? Oh, all talk and no money?

“To demonstrate my commitment to this goal, I am announcing tonight that I am pledging $5 million to the University of Waikato to support its development of a medical school in return for naming rights of the school,” he said.

“I honestly think it’s Waikato’s time, not just for the medical school but everything. You’ve got the movement of businesses here, the population is growing. Why not enhance the region by whatever means.”

It’s been almost 50 years since New Zealand last established a medical school.

Contrary to the traditional medical school model, the Waikato school will take graduates with a degree in any discipline, who are from the communities that need them, and put them through four years of training.

Currently, only 15 per cent of New Zealand medical graduates choose to become GPs.

Sir Owen said he had nothing to gain personally if the medical school proposal went ahead but believed it deserved government backing.

This guy used to pump major dollars into the Labour party. ?How did burning him off go for them then? ?Well, they are doing gold coin drives and selling tea towels and mugs.

Helen Clark and Trevor Mallard with Labour’s biggest donor, Owen Glenn, at the opening of a University building Glen paid for.

Anyone getting involved with Labour better look at its history of how it treats its own. ?And before you say, “aw, but that’s politics”, only the truly brain dead would cold-shoulder a major financial supporter of the party. ??In the case of Mr Glenn, that bit of petulance still reverberates through the party to this day every time they sell a tea towel.


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