Homewrecker wants more homes

Labour candidate Anna Lorck with John Key

Anna ?Marge? Lorck, Labour?s home wrecker candidate in Tukituki is campaigning for more homes.

At a time when we should be leading on the home front, it is unacceptable that Hastings and Tukituki are being left behind.

Are you serious Marge? ?

Or have you forgotten your?involvement in homewrecking? Or do you not understand irony? Or are you just the most shameless politician in New Zealand?

Tukituki Labour candidate Anna Lorck is rejecting a claim by her opponent, Craig Foss, that she was once a National supporter, despite a photograph of her with Prime Minister John Key tweeted in 2011.

Ms Lorck said yesterday that the tweet was posted from her personal Twitter account.

It included a photo of her and her daughter standing with Mr Key, but didn’t indicate she was once a National supporter.

The tweet said: “Big day for Augusta she like all the Frimley School choir just love our PM he seriously was like a rock star!”

Mr Foss, the National MP for Tukituki and a Cabinet Minister, said the tweet was “very supportive of the PM, obviously”.

Mr Foss said he had been “very surprised” when Ms Lorck stood for the Labour Party because she had been “very supportive of everything we [the National Party] were doing”.

From a home wreckers perspective, more homes means more prospects though, so at least this stance is not as hypocritical as Marge?s views on drugs, or as horrible as the name she privately uses for a member of her family.


– HB Today