Why is the Human Rights Commission shilling the Islamic Women’s Council to Radio New Zealand?

Yesterday the Islamic Women’s Council issued a press release against Donald Trump’s executive order and also blamed the attack in Canada on the Trump administration:


The Islamic Women?s Council sends its sincere condolences to the families of victims of the terror attack in Quebec, Canada. We know this senseless act is the culmination of a series of hate-fuelled incidents targeted at that particular mosque. ?The killing in Canada today is no co-incidence, and we believe is linked to what is happening in their neighbouring country? said Chairperson, Dr Maysoon Salamah.

The Council condemns the policies of the Trump Administration in banning entry of Muslims, many of whom are fleeing horrific war and violence in their own countries, others who have been settled in the United States for many years and have valid residence permits.

?Not only is this policy in breach of human rights and international conventions, but it is also against all moral and ethical standards? Dr Maysoon Salamah said. ?

IWCNZ is calling on the New Zealand Government and all elected representatives to take decisive action. ?A very strong message must be sent to the new administration, and we request that that the Government consider suspension of diplomatic ties until such time as there is a change in their policy targeting a religious group. This policy is causing direct harm to individuals and is a huge threat to international peace? said Dr Salamah

?We also request our Prime Minister speak out against the response by the Australian Government, whose treatment of asylum seekers had brought world-wide dcondemnation for many years? she said.

The Council would like to recognise and commend the efforts made by Americans, protesting and taking legal action against the policies of the new Administration.

There is a fair bit of propaganda in that statement and more than a few lies…or taqiya as they prefer to call it.

For consistency, the Islamic Women’s Council should also be speaking out against those sixteen Arab nations not allowing Jews or Israelis into their countries. Could there be a link between those practices and the attacks on Jews and Israelis? Where was their press release in support of those Jews killed in Paris in a supermarket?

The Council condemns the policies of the Trump Administration in banning entry of Muslims, except that is a lie.?The ban does not only prevent Muslims, but any person travelling from the named countries. It also does not stop those already in the USA from staying. This sentence is plainly untrue propaganda. The executive order doesn’t even mention Islam. Perhaps they recognise Islam because the executive order does say;

…those who would place violent ideologies over American law. In addition, the United States should not admit those who engage in acts of bigotry or hatred (including ?honor? killings, other forms of violence against women, or the persecution of those who practice religions different from their own) or those who would oppress Americans of any race, gender, or sexual orientation.

It perfectly sums up Islam to me.

Their claim that Trump’s executive order is “in breach of human rights and international conventions, but it is also against all moral and ethical standards? ignores the fact that there is a matter of?due process to go through before making such serious claims. The IWCNZ should be waiting for proof before making those serious claims.

Their demands for our government to take action because the new executive order targets a religious group is a lie.?The executive order does not target any religious group. Many, many Muslim-majority countries are not on the list. Furthermore, while there are some persecuted minority religions in the named countries, the ban also applies to them.

While they demand the government also condemns?Australia there is no demand from them that our government speak out about the Arab nations that are refusing to take any Arab refugees or the Islamic countries that have misogynistic laws, or the Muslim countries that forbid entry to anyone with an Israeli passport. Why does the IWCNZ single out only the USA and Australia?

While we have demolished their idiotic claims there is another more serious matter here.

I have obtained an email from the Human Rights Commission where one of their staff is shilling this press release directly to Radio New Zealand and in particular the Digital Producer for Checkpoint with John Campbell.

Michelle Cooke is the Digital Producer for Checkpoint with John Campbell:

Why is a supposedly impartial referee on matters of Human Rights actively pushing with media for them to interview someone from an independent?minority group who recently issued a press release?

If you look at the wording it is a rather strong endorsement:

Kia ora Michelle

Anjum has put out a PR from the Islamic Women’s Council and she is able to take part in interviews if you are keen on talking with her. She is quite an amazing person and a great commentator, community advocate and expert on Islamic issues here and overseas.


The Human Rights Commission has some questions to answer.

How can Kiwis trust them to be impartial when they are clearly advocating on behalf of one organisation?

Why is the HRC advocating so strongly on behalf of an Islamic organisation but ignoring repeated communications from Jewish Kiwis?

Is it normal for staff of the HRC to push or shill press releases on behalf of independent organisations?

Does the Human Rights Commission realise, along with Radio NZ, that their emails as state-funded organisations are subject to the Official Information Act?

I wonder how many times Christine Ammunson has advocated to media on behalf of other organisations in the past few years and?who for?

These are serious issues and ones which the Human Rights Commission must answer in order to give Kiwis confidence that they are an honest broker.