I’m disappointed Greg missed out

Poor old Greg Presland, part-time suburban flea lawyer and full-time blogger at The Standard, he got beaten by a carpet bagger.

Taxation lecturer Deborah Russell has been nominated for New Lynn, while the deputy Wellington mayor, Paul Eagle, will run in Rongotai.

Dr Russell replaces the former leader, David Cunliffe, as Labour’s candidate in the Auckland seat, which Mr Cunliffe won with a 4500 majority in 2014.

Mr Cunliffe steps down after 18 years in Parliament.

Dr Russell said she wanted to hear what people had to say and was confident she could build on Labour’s majority in the electorate. ?

“Every time I’ve knocked on someone’s door recently they’ve talked about housing, it’s to do with affordability of housing but also rent prices, just getting a house at all.

“Linked with housing is the issue of transport, it’s all very well building lots of houses but you have to be able to get from your home to your job.”

Deborah Russell has spent the past year raising her profile with constant attacks on the government from her cloistered offices at Massey University.

She is smart, and not at all evil, but it was obvious that the fix was in in New Lynn and Greg Presland got the arse card in the selection.

It’s a shame because I was looking forward to using all of his comments and blog posts over the years to highlight was an absolute socialist plonker this fool is.

Oh well, he will eventually get a turn, probably when Labour relaxes their man ban and allows white blokes to stand for them again.


-Radio NZ