Introducing: Plus HR equals E

TV3 has?gone for a new brand in a move that seems to be a text book case of how to do everything wrong. ? The Civilian, for once, has no need to write satire.

MediaWorks chief content officer Andrew Szusterman says the change is a ?positive step forward? to ?acceptance? that TV3 is ?dead, really.?

?When you look at the TV3 brand as it stands, it?s been around since 2003,? he said. ?That?s a long time, and really in that time, we?ve seen a lot of changes. The 2003 brand doesn?t really represent what the channel is in 2017, which isn?t so much TV, as it is just some kind of endless focus group and marketing exercise that never goes anywhere and just hands bigger ratings to our competitors.

?So we thought it made sense to drop the ?TV??

Companies that are in trouble and?have no idea what to do generally think they need to fix the “culture” and the “public image” instead of just doing their jobs well. ?In TV3’s case, they need to provide up to the minute content that their viewers like to watch, make it extremely accessible -on demand if possible- and if they do have to dally with news, it has to be short, sharp and to the point.

Yeah. ?Right.

?We knew we wanted to get rid of the TV bit,? said Andy Brown, MediaWorks chief marketing and data officer. ?That much was obvious. But of course when you get a new name, you have to have a new logo.

?So I took our team of designers, graphics people and all that, and I said to them ?just f___ it up.?

?And they looked at me and they said ?What??

?And I said, ?Yeah, no, seriously, just f___ it up. Just make a f___ing mess and we?ll call it vibrant.??

The change has been met by universal derision, which will be a point of pride because “look, everyone is talking about ?it”.


The Civilian