Islamophobia is because of misinformation apparently


While I appreciate New Zealander,?Mustenser Qamar’s desire?to spread a peaceful message about Islam because he?practices a peaceful version of it I think that it is a bridge too far to blame misinformation for Islamophobia. Fear of Islam is well justified. I fear Islamic colonisation and the implementation of Sharia?law way more than I fear Islamic terrorism. Terrorism creates fear but Islamification changes a country’s way of life forever. How a relatively low Muslim population changes a Western country for the worse is backed up by examples all over Europe. It is not misinformation. Some Maori and NZ academics still go on about the evils of British colonialism yet no one accuses them of Pomophobia or of being victims of misinformation.

Unfortunately, 5 young women of our community were verbally and physically attacked yesterday in Huntly. The video went viral… This clearly happened because of misunderstandings about #TrueIslam
The perpetrator was also a victim…A victim of misinformation!

Ironically, these young women had just been actively countering the misinformation and misunderstanding about Islam. These women were at the forefront of our initiative to educate the public on #TrueIslam over the weekend and took part in our community’s efforts and arrangements for a Quran Exhibition in New Plymouth on Saturday.
On the way back home after a very successful weekend in which our community was educating people and removing misconceptions through the exhibition, short seminars on ‘Quran and Terrorism’, radio interviews, news coverage, a bookstall, peace message letter box drops and even working on YouTube videos for #MeetAMuslimNZ these girls were attacked due to the exact thing they were out fighting….misinformation!

This just goes to show that Islamophobia is real and is increasing. Our initiatives are more important than ever! People really need to actually #MeetAMuslimNZ and find out what the #TrueIslam of the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) is.

Don’t judge us on the ‘so-called Islam’ of the extremists… judge us on the Islam we practice; the Islam of the Quran and the Islam of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him).

So take the opportunity to accept the invitation of our community WORLDWIDE! Meet a Muslim! Get in touch with me or anyone in our community anywhere in the world and we can make it happen. We can build friendships and work for a more peaceful, loving, accepting and tolerant world through education.


Share this and feel free to PM me for a meet up wherever in the world you maybe!

-Mustenser Qamar?Facebook