This isn’t justice. The man deserves a medal

A man who caught a thief breaking into his work vehicle red-handed and reacted furiously by punching him unconscious was today ordered to pay compensation for the “totally disproportionate” attack.

Ethan Annett, 21, had been at a party in Christchurch’s Matipo St at about 10.40pm on May 9 when a mate told him his work vehicle was being broken in to.

He and a co-offender charged off down the street and found two men standing near the work vehicle on Dallas St.

Both thieves were set upon by Annett and his co-offender in a flurry of punches.

One man was knocked unconscious.

Both victims were rushed to hospital via ambulance.

Annett appeared at Christchurch District Court today for sentencing after earlier pleading guilty to an assault charge.

Defence counsel Kerry Cook said that although Annett was remorseful, he noted that the “totally disproportionate” incident would not have happened if someone had not been breaking in to his vehicle – Annett’s “only asset”.

A 19-year-old co-offender had earlier been sentenced and ordered to pay $600 in emotional harm repayment.

Judge John Strettell today saw no reason why Annett shouldn’t be treated any differently.

He was convicted on the assault charge and ordered him to pay $600 compensation to his victim.

$600 emotional harm for the thief. ? Doesn’t that just want to make you vomit?

He should claim $600 for bruised knuckles!

Well, I think he needs the thanks of the public at the very least,?and the people of Christchurch should be using his company’s services to show?Judge John Strettell that he is a?[redacted by mods]


Notice how the media report this? ?The thieves were “victims”. ? Why oh why are the media on the side of criminals and against hard working people? ?What’s wrong with their moral compass?


– NZ Herald