Labour Party on Immigration and the refugee quota

I contacted National, Labour, Act, The Maori Party, NZ First, the Greens, the Opportunities Party, the Conservatives and United Future to ask them all three questions. Five parties responded to my questions and I published their responses in full and un-edited. My attempts to get a response from the Labour Party were unsuccessful so I looked at their website to try to find the answers to the questions I asked the other parties.

Immediately I had a problem as the Labour Party states on their website that…

Following the 2014 Election, Labour placed all policy under review.

We will continue to announce new policy through to the 2017 Election.

However, Labour has announced 12 new policies so far and while none of them was about immigration their very first one was about the refugee quota.


The perception of many of our readers is that left-of-centre political parties prefer immigrants from low socio-economic countries who are highly dependent on the state and poorly educated because immigrants like that will naturally vote for the left-of-centre parties who allowed them in. Which immigrants get priority under the Labour party’s policy and why?


( I was unable to find any information on the Labour Party?website to answer this question.)?


Many of our readers do not trust the UN to decide which refugees we will get and are concerned that they are not being vetted properly. There is also the problem that Christian and non-Muslim refugees who are more easily able to integrate and assimilate into New Zealand are not safe inside the camps and flee them which results in an almost 100% Muslim refugee intake for New Zealand. Given that we are a Christian and secular country where does your party stand on our refugee quota?



Labour will double New Zealand?s refugee quota when in Government because it?s the right thing to do, Leader of the Opposition Andrew Little says.

?Today Labour is joining the Double the Quota movement and calling on John Key?s Government to commit to welcoming 1500 refugees a year in its upcoming quota review.

?Kiwis have been horrified at the images of refugees fleeing Syria and other nations in what is the greatest humanitarian crisis since the Second World War. As an open and big-hearted nation we must do our bit to help some of the world?s most vulnerable people.

?New Zealand has not lifted its refugee quota in 29 years. Australians take three times the number of refugees per capita that we do. That?s not who we are and it?s not the kind of moral leadership we have been known for.

?I know we have issues in New Zealand such as housing, child poverty and health underfunding that must also be tackled. But for every refugee New Zealand opens its doors to, we are repaid in multiple by the contribution they will make to our country.

?In Government, Labour would increase the quota over three years to double its current number. A petition from 20,000 New Zealanders being presented at Parliament today is calling on the Government to do the same.

?We must do it because it?s right, and it represents who we are as a people. Let?s double the quota and welcome those who need us most,? Andrew Little says.


Our readers would also like to know if your party would support putting persecuted minorities such as Christian and non-Muslim refugees at the front of the queue?


( I was unable to find any information on the Labour Party?website to answer this question.)