A lesson from history for Bill English

Our commenters are observant of history, more so than our media.

A question for the history buffs:

When was the last time (if ever) a PM in NZ won a subsequent election having replaced the incumbent PM within the preceding term?

I can think of Mike Moore and Jenny Shipley – both didn’t succeed.

Not sure about the earlier ones

Credenz notes:

Just for interest.
1958 Keith Holyoake replaced PM Sid Holland. Lost the following election to Walter Nash.
1972 Jack Marshall replaced PM Holyoake. Lost the following election to Norman Kirk
1975 Bill Rowling replaced PM Kirk. Lost the following election to Rob Muldoon.

Add to that Mike Moore replacing the hapless Geoffrey Palmer who replaced the forlorn David Lange and lost in 1990. Moore was PM for less than two months, but like Bill English it will forever be on his CV.

Then there was Jenny Shipley who removed Jim Bolger in a palace coup in 1997 and lost the 1999 general election two years and two days later.

History doesn’t bode well for Bill English, but he probably doesn’t care, he’s a scum List MP and has PM on his CV now. He’s already past Mike Moore for time served.