Liberal Canadian Feminist visits Mosque and gets put in her place

When you think about it the Muslim community does really well because whether a Muslim is a shooter or the victim, liberals fall over themselves to show support for the local Muslim community every time there is a shooting, stabbing or a truck is run through a crowd. Given this kind of unquestioning support you would think that Wynne would be treated really well during the visit but instead, they treated her the way they treat Muslim women much to her shock.

…Prior to her visit,?according to The Toronto Star, Wynne addressed a crowd on the topic of immigration.

?We?re not different. We?re the same; except for indigenous peoples, every one of us came from somewhere else. We came from another country, another place, to build this open society.?

Unfortunately for Wynne, men at the mosque she visited later that day didn?t seem to share her view of equality.

According to,?as the men began praying, Wynne ? the highest ranking politician in the province of Ontario ? was made to sit in a back corner.

The corner actually is the most appropriate place for a woman like Wynne.