Is Little walking back his statements on charter schools?

It looks like Andrew Little may have had a call from the teacher unions.

The other day, while defending Willie Jackson, he made this statement:

Little clarified that Labour did not agree with the charter schools model including its provision for unregistered teachers and the ability not to adhere to the formal curriculum. However, it had supported special character schools.

?We are supportive of school systems that work and particularly that help to address educational underachievement.?

That is quite a bit different from the stated policy of Labour, to abolish charter schools entirely.

Yesterday he started walking back his change of policy.

Little said Jackson will be expected to abide by Labour’s policy on issues such as charter schools, despite his criticism of Labour on the issue in the recent past.

Jackson has criticised Labour’s policy on charter schools – as chair of the National Urban M?ori Authority, Jackson has two ‘partnership schools’ under his watch and is a vocal supporter of them.

He has also previously criticised Labour’s Education Spokesman Chris Hipkins and accused Labour of putting teacher unions above children’s achievement.

Hipkins today refused to endorse Jackson, saying it was not his role to voice support or dissent about any Labour candidate.

However, he said Labour would not change its policy to abolish charter schools.

Looks like the teacher unions are calling the shots inside Labour.

Andrew Little will probably claim he misspoke or was misrepresented by media.

One thing that has become clear out of this debacle is Andrew Little can’t be trusted to stick to his word from one sentence to the next.

Meanwhile,?I see Jackson has to resign from his charter school board,?so much for a broad church.

The last thing they’ll want from him will be a sex change, it’s the only way he will get a winnable list position.


– NZ Herald