Little walks back his promise to Jackson completely

It is hard to see this revelation as anything other than total defeat by Andrew Little in the face of a caucus revolt.

It also means his promises to Willie Jackson of a winnable list placing are as shallow as Labour’s talent pool.

Labour leader Andrew Little says potential candidate?Willie Jackson should be ranked?behind senior?MPs, including Te Tai Tokerau MP Kelvin Davis,?after earlier refusing to say where he stood on the issue.

He said foreign affairs spokesman David Parker and current Hutt South MP?Trevor Mallard – who?are both reliant on their list places to be re-elected – should also take precedent?over Jackson as a first term Labour candidate.

“We have got to get?David Parker up. He’s a huge intellectual?powerhouse?for us. Trevor Mallard up?because?we?want?him as next speaker,” Little said?on Tuesday. ?

“We have got to get those experienced, skilled, long-standing MPs?up because?we have?a place?for them and jobs for them to do.?And?Kelvin Davis. He’s our our most senior-ranked?Maori MP?and you’d expect?that?to continue and his?standing?in the caucus has to be reflected in the list.”

He said he had assured Jackson, who was a former Alliance MP and chairs the National Urban Maori Authority,?that he would try to get him the highest list place “possible and credible”.

“I’ve signalled that I am going to champion his cause for a good and winnable list placing because I think he has much to bring to the party in terms of his reach to a constituency that we are not presently reaching very well.”

But Little said he was just one of 22 people in Labour who set?list rankings.

In other words, he wrote cheques that Willie Jackson couldn’t cash.

If I was Willie Jackson I’d feel a bit aggrieved right about now.

It is totally bad news for Andrew Little, who was standing by his man until caucus revolted. On current polling, the only winnable list ranking spot for a man in Labour is Andrew Little’s number one spot.

I’d love to know what percentage Labour has to get in order for Andrew Little, Trevor Mallard, David Parker, Kelvin Davis and Willie Jackson to be returned as List MPs while reaching the 50% of caucus must be women rule?

I’m not sure they can even save David Parker and Trevor Mallard on current polling.


– Fairfax