Marine le Pen tells Muslim cleric to stick it when asked to wear head scarf

An aide of Lebanon’s Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdel-Latif Derian, left, offers a headscarf to French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, right.

Marine le Pen has told a Muslim cleric to shove it when she was asked to wear a head scarf in order to meet him:

Marine Le Pen, the National Front leader, has provoked a row by refusing to wear a headscarf to meet an eminent Islamic scholar in Beirut.

The French far-right presidential candidate walked out of the offices of Sheikh Abdel-Latif Derian, the grand mufti of Lebanon, after being told she could not see him unless she covered her head.

The incident is likely to bolster Ms Le Pen?s popularity among National Front supporters, many of whom are hostile towards Islam. But it may undermine her attempt to portray herself, during a two-day visit to Lebanon, as a serious future world leader, not least because the trip included her first meeting with a head of state ? President Aoun. ?

French political commentators suggested that the National Front leader had stage-managed the incident in Beirut to distract attention after police raided her party?s offices on Monday.

Florian Philippot, the deputy leader, fuelled speculation that the row with the grand mufti had been a publicity stunt when he tweeted: ?In Lebanon, Marine refuses to wear a veil. A magnificent message of freedom and emancipation sent to the women of France and of the world.?

Ms Le Pen, 48, is on course to win the first round of the French presidential election this spring but will be defeated in the second round unless she can boost her standing among centrist voters, according to the polls.

At the grand mufti?s offices she refused to accept the white headscarf that was handed to her. ?You will transmit my regards to the grand mufti but I will not wear a veil,? she said before leaving.

A spokesman for Dar al-Fatwa, Lebanon?s highest Sunni authority, which is led by Sheikh Derian, expressed ?surprise? at her refusal, saying she had been informed of the need to wear a headscarf the previous day.

Ms Le Pen said: ?I said … I would not wear a headscarf. They did not cancel the meeting. I therefore thought that they would accept me not wearing a headscarf. They tried to place me before a fait accompli. Well, no one puts me before a fait accompli.?

Good on her.

Islam is not compatible with western liberal democracies. We should resist their subjugation of women and their cruelty towards apostates and homosexuals. Everywhere there is Islamic immigration we see ugly challenges to the way of life in those countries by peoples who are intent on importing their failed way of life to their new homes, complete with abuses of freedoms we currently enjoy.

Marine le Pen is at the sharp end of that in France.


– The Australian