A marketing opportunity gone begging


Artists impression of $4m boondoggle

Insanity prevails in Christchurch:

Huge 400 tonne soaring arches are being constructed near the airport as part of the $112 million State Highway 1 Russley Rd upgrade.

The gateway arches, designed by Warren and Mahoney, at their highest point will stand 27 metres near the intersection of Russley Rd and Memorial Ave.

NZ Transport said the arches and lighting will cost in the ?vicinity? of $4 million. ?

A spokeswoman said it was funded through the National Land Transport Fund, which comes from petrol tax, road user charges and motor vehicle registration fees.

It is not the first major installation on a Canterbury highway.

Fanfare, a 25 metre tall sphere covered in 360 spinning metal pinwheels, was installed near the Northern Motoway on Chaney?s Corner in 2015.

It was gifted to the city and the $1.3 million upgrade an installation costs were covered by a city council grant, corporate and philanthropic donations.

NZ Transport Agency said they will be one of the first things people will see when entering the city from the airport.

They symbolise the crossing of paths, the Southern Alps and braided rivers of the Canterbury Plains and the excitement of travel.

NZTA highway manager Colin Knaggs said people will start to notice the arches go up over the next few months.

?The arches are made up of 30 separate sections. Each section will be welded together piece by piece,? he said.

Yeah, whatever.

Good grief, why didn’t they just get McDonalds to build some arches free of charge?


Next, they will be building a huge statue of Gerry Brownlee in a Stalin or Saddam pose.

And why the hell are they spending $4m on decorations when there are people still with houses that are in need of sorting out properly.


– star.kiwi