McCully’s staff member quit and is now running for the Green party!

a former diplomat who couldn’t stand working for Murray McCully a second longer are among the latest high-profile names to join the Green party ranks.

A former UN climate change lawyer is the third to round out the latest intake of internationally-successful women the party has added to its books.

Bridget Walsh, Leilani Tamu and Teall Crossen all have different outlooks, different motivations and different pet issues, but they do have one thing in common.

Walsh is planning to campaign in Switzerland, Sweden, France, Canada and the US, Mexico and Australia through her vast network, both in the artistic community, and through the Greens’ own international community to turn out the overseas vote at the September 23 election.

It’s a workload Walsh says she can handle, and although she’s “all in”, Walsh is not necessarily expecting to become an MP at the end of it.

“The cool thing about the Greens is that, I’m a busy lady; it’s an album year – I’m recording an album – I’m working on building INDHE this year, and the Greens rounds out my holy trinity of Bridget.”

Arts, education and a particular interest in how the “universal basic income can reframe the debate around the economy”, were areas in which Walsh hoped to drive more discussion.

“For me the most important thing at this juncture, is getting people to understand how easy it is to vote; making sure people are registered, making sure people know that if they’ve been home in the last three years and they have access to the internet – they can vote.”

By the time the diplomatic core is quitting to get away from Murray McCully and are running into the arms of the Green party, you can stop wondering if things are rotten at the core.

MFAT have had some real shockers over the last few years (Malaysian diplomat bungle comes to mind), and of course the recent brain explosion where New Zealand backstabbed Israel.

We may not want a Labour-Green government, but the itch to get rid of some toxic people inside of National is starting to get palpable…


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