Media are sad at lack of “squeaky toy phallus” incident. So far!

They ACTUALLY reported that NOTHING happened. ?That’s how disappointed they are!

There has been no sequel to last year’s “dildo-gate” at Waitangi, with no sex toys flying through the air ahead of the weekend’s celebrations.

There was a heavy police and security presence at the Copthorne Hotel venue on Friday, likely as a result of last year’s protests where cabinet minister Steven Joyce was hit in the face with a sex toy during a media conference.

This year just one protester turned out for a government meeting with the Iwi Chairs Forum.

She arrived after Prime Minister Bill English and his delegation went inside and left before the end of the forum.

Last year’s protester, Josie Butler, said she threw the squeaky toy phallus at Mr Joyce in protest at the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

Nothing happened, so we will report what happened last year instead.

Don’t fret. ?There is a whole long weekend to get on with. ?It may not be another?squeaky toy phallus, but beggars can’t be choosers.


– NZN via Yahoo! News