No love for Willie “Roast-Busters” Jackson from Labour party MP

Only a few hours into the job as a Labour Party candidate and Willie Jackson is already having to apologise to one of his new colleagues, Labour MP Poto Williams.

Williams, the spokesperson for family and sexual violence, posted on her Facebook page shortly after Jackson’s candidacy that she could not “in good conscience support him” as her colleague.

The issue between the pair is over an interview Jackson conducted on his talkback show on RadioLive three years ago with a friend of an alleged victim of the Roast Busters group that some saw as victim blaming and supporting rape culture.

Willie hung on by the skin of his teeth, but his on-air mate John Tamihere wasn’t so lucky. ?

An 18-year-old woman, who called herself Amy, called the show to talk to Jackson and his co-host, John Tamihere, about the Roast Busters, only to have the hosts describe the group’s online bragging about sexual encounters with drunk underage girls as “mischief”.

Amy was asked “how free and easy are you kids these days?” when she told Jackson and Tamihere she had attended parties the teenagers involved in Roast Busters were at, and she often saw them, sober, providing drinks to girls as young as 13.

The hosts said that if “some” of the girls had consented, “that doesn’t make [the Roast Busters] rapists, does it?”

They suggested that women who consented to sex may now “line up” to say they were raped as well.

Labour’s cohesion is clearly very thin. ?Especially when the Labour women were promised that the #manban would be addressed in time for the 2017 list. ?Failed politician Laila Harre just made the grade because of her plumbing, but with failed politician Willie Jackson also?being promised a high list placing, it can only come at the cost of sitting Labour list MPs… possibly a woman.

The knives are out. ?And it goes to show that the old boys network at the top of the Labour party is alive and well.

Responding to Williams’ comments, Jackson said, it was possible his colleague was unaware of the work he did in the domestic and sexual violence area.

“In this area that Poto talks about, it’s an area we’re absolutely committed to and turning around.”

“I gave an apology at the time, a very clear one on RadioLive over three years ago, gave an apology on Maori TV…and I’m happy to say sorry again for any hurt.

“That happened with that interview over three years ago…it was an interview and we were in the role of talkback hosts and sometimes your role is to put both sides and things get taken out of context and at the time I think the country was raging in the whole Roast Busters area.”

“I’m not a perfect person – we make mistakes. My mistake is we did an interview too casually and it went wrong.”

Little backed Jackson and said he apologised at the time.

Little publicly backed a male Labour list candidate against a sitting female Labour MP. ? What a political retard. ?This will shake things up on the Labour back benches.


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