No matter where he goes and who he talks to, people are happy

In a post on her Facebook page Ms Williams called on Mr Jackson to apologise for comments he made on talkback radio during the 2013 Roast Busters scandal, when he described the behaviour of a group of young men actively seeking out drunk, underage girls for sex as “mischief”.

“Until then, as someone who speaks for the victims of family and sexual violence, and as a survivor of such abuse, I can not in good conscience support him as my colleague,” she said.

Mr Jackson did apologise at the time, and again in the wake of Ms Williams’ public statement.

The pair have since met to discuss the issue, and Ms Williams released a statement through the party saying she had accepted his apology.

Mr Little would not reveal whether Ms Williams had been reprimanded for her statement, or comment on the nature of discussions he had with her other than to say “I think every caucus member is absolutely aware of the expectations on them”.

“The great thing about Labour MPs is they are very passionate about the causes they believe in and people will say and do things sometimes that later they wish they hadn’t,” he said.

Ms Williams has not removed her original statement from her Facebook page.

Mr Little would not say whether he had sought similar assurances from other MPs about the selection of former Police Association president Greg O’Connor for Ohariu.

“I’ve had a lot of conversations with a lot of people, including a lot of party members, over the last week or two weeks and people are very happy,” he said.

Lots of conversations with lots of people, including lots of party members, and people are very happy.

Pro Tip: ?When all the leader hears is?that people are happy, they have given up telling him what he doesn’t want to hear.


– NZN via Yahoo! News