No twelve year old girl wants to see a penis in the girls’ toilet


President Trump has rolled back Obama’s perverted requirement that infringed on the rights of biological girls and women to have a same-sex toilet. It isn’t a total roll back however as his critics are claiming as he has given the individual states the right to make the decision for themselves instead of it being imposed on them as it was by Obama. The Media Party are saying that Trump is discriminating against Trans people because he is giving States the choice instead of requiring them to change the way Obama did. As usual, the rights of the majority (in this case biological girls) to not have a person with a penis in their toilet is being threatened by Obama’s letter. Now their fate is in the hands of their individual states.

…Heated debates broke out all over social media Thursday?after President Trump rescinded President Obama?s letter requiring public schools to let transgender students use the bathrooms and locker rooms of whatever gender they ?identify with.?

In the United States, 0.3% of adults identify as transgender. That?s about 1.4 million people out of the 324 million people who live in the U.S. The statistics are likely a lot smaller for children.

The American College of Pediatrics says transgenderism of children is child abuse yet politically these mentally confused children have been turned into a political football.

Contrary to what mainstream media is bleating, Trump?s reversal does not strip transgender rights. It merely throws the decision about transgender locker rooms and bathrooms back to the states.?Why? Because mandating trans-bathrooms in schools is not a federal issue addressed by the Constitution.

…Not surprisingly, Twitter reamed Cuomo over his latest gaffe. Some protective parents called Cuomo a ?pervert.?





For those who think it is an issue of safety for the trans-gender students consider this. Gay boys have always shared toilets with straight boys. They do not use girl’s toilets. Gay boys are extremely unlikely to be raped or sexually molested by straight boys. If a gay boy in a dress uses the urinal in a men’s toilet it is pretty clear that he is biologically a boy no matter what clothes he is wearing.

In stark contrast, a transgender boy does not have a penis and still has a vagina and can be raped or molested if she enters a boys’ toilet. She is still biologically a girl and is more at risk of rape and molestation than a gay boy in a men’s toilet.

A transgender girl on the other hand just like a gay boy has a penis and should be using a urinal in the boys’ toilets. A transgender girl inside a girl’s toilet is infringing on the rights of the biological girls to not have a biological boy in the toilets with them. A transgender girl is still capable of having sex with girls and is not like a gay boy who has no desire to have sex with girls. Transgender girls who are essentially boys in drag do not belong inside a girls’ bathroom.

In New Zealand, a trans girl was treated with respect and concern by a New Zealand school who provided him/her with his/her own bathroom. He/she repaid that kindness with a demand to use the girl’s bathroom. Transgender bathrooms are a political football and are not about rights or safety at all. It is an activist movement to make society recognise them as real girls and boys which flys in the face of biology.