I was just digging through some old posts and thought these would be fun to look back on, given that we are roughly in the same stage of the election cycle three years on.

Not even $5m was enough to get people to betray their country and fellow Kiwis to help out Kim. ?

There never was any legal action against Slater & co (who are co?). ? For the record, I have nothing to do with Kim Dotcom’s downfall either.

Yeah. ?For a bit. ? But here we are Ruth. ? And I suspect we’ll still be here when you are no longer an MP.

That person in Auckland is still driving around wishing it was so. ? It’s not likely at this stage that they will have to replace it in September with NATGON.

Before anyone forgets who were behind Dirty Politics, and who were not.

Mr Edwards was ordering blog posts to be written to back up his independent academic view. ?But if Whaleoil wrote a post for someone, it was Dirty Politics.