Not even a single All Black in the room at the Halbergs?

It was halfway through the Halberg Awards on Thursday night that the realisation hit me.

The realisation that my previously-held, fairly half-hearted contention was more right than I first thought.

That being the realisation that the All Blacks should at the very least have been included in the finalists in the Team of the Year category as Steve Hansen was for Coach of the Year.

It surprised me there were no All Blacks among the prize winners, but I didn’t know they weren’t even nominated. ? As a result, they weren’t even in the room. ?

It occurred to me in that moment that the All Blacks should never be the victim of any decision-making where PC thinking becomes a major factor.

In other words, judging the All Blacks by their own unique, unmatched standards should never, ever blur the fact that while they continue to consistently perform like they are under the guidance of their coaching maestro, Steve Hansen, they should be included in the Halberg Awards, year after year.

And if that then means repetition becomes a reality, so what?

The lost against Wales Ireland. ?That’s it. ?And for that they aren’t even finalists?

Probably nothing else sums up how odd it was excluding the All Blacks than the fact that they won Team-of-the-Year Award at the most recent World Rugby Awards for the tenth time in a row since 2001.

Enough said.

So… if you’re that good that you will take out the prize again and again, the Halbergs will simply ignore you?

That’s the Halbergs for you. ?Reliable controversy every year.


– The Man in the Stand, Yahoo! News