NZ First and Act should consider how well One Nation is doing in Australia

Standing out from the crowd can be a vote winner and despite the many slurs thrown at Pauline Hanson and her Party One Nation over the years she and her party are now riding a growing wave of support. Supporters of One Nation have been smeared by the Media party in much the same way Trump supporters have been smeared. They have been accused of being red necks and racists but times have changed since Trump was elected and other countries like The Netherlands, Britain and France are experiencing significant growth in the popularity of minor parties with policy platforms similar to Hansons.

New Zealand First and Act should consider the benefit of standing out from the crowd when there is a frustration amongst mainstream voters with the Status quo. They don’t need multiple different policies just one or two really good strong ones that will address one or two of the key frustrations amongst voters.

A jubilant Pauline Hanson is lapping up questions about a prime ministerial tilt as Malcolm Turnbull is left to digest the lowest support levels for the federal coalition since he ousted Tony Abbott.

One Nation garnered eight per cent of the national primary vote in the first Newspoll of the year – double its Senate vote at the July election – as voter support for the government tumbled.

… backing for the coalition has dropped to its lowest level since Mr Turnbull toppled Tony Abbott as prime minister.

…Senator Hanson – who branded the Liberals out of touch and the Nationals irrelevant – on Monday said it would be a ‘privilege and honour’ if ever she were to become prime minister.

…Labor frontbencher Jason Clare has told Sky News many Australians are turning to minor parties to salve their economic concerns.

‘You’ve got One Nation on eight per cent on the primary vote, that’s a million people who say they want to vote for One Nation.’

‘It’s very wrong for people to say they are crazy rednecks, they are ordinary Australians who are frustrated.’

‘There was story out today that said that one in three families are earning less this year than last year, so you can understand why people are leaving the major parties, feel like politicians don’t have the answer and are looking for a different solution.’

Her crossbench colleague Derryn Hinch is far from convinced.

‘Pauline may be the leader of One Nation but luckily she’ll never be the leader of the nation,’ he said. She’s dedicated, she believes in what she’s doing, but she will not form the opposition or government and that is the fact.’

I wonder if Derryn will get to eat his words like the?pundits in the video below. Never underestimate the ordinary voter who is frustrated by the main parties and is looking for a fresh approach.