Oh so Andrew Little will boycott Te Tii, but only when it is all about him

Andrew Little has spent weeks bagging Bill English for not fronting at Waitangi.

But, when the heat comes on he announces?that he too would boycott in coming years, but with a catch:

Little also said he may boycott Te Tii Marae in future years. ??

He made the comment at Waitangi shortly before he was welcomed on to the lower marae and to address a political forum with other party leaders, which media have been banned from covering.

He also confirmed that broadcaster Willie Jackson would stand for Labour on the list and be given a “winnable ” list position.

Little said that in his speech to the forum he would be telling the marae that the media blackout was wrong.

“I cannot see that a continued media blackout is in any way consistent with the public role that I have.”

No matter what the result of the September 23 election he said: “I cannot guarantee that I would be at Te Tii again if there are further media blackouts.”

He would always be a part of the celebrations at Waitangi “but I cannot guarantee that I will come to a place where the media and the public and therefore New Zealanders here and around the world are prevented from seeing what I have to say.”

Riiiight, so, let’s get this straight.

A media boycott that adversely affects what Andrew Little has to say in the “public role” he has it good enough reason for Andrew Little to boycott, but Bill English not being accorded speaking rights as Prime Minister is abject cowardice?

Andrew Little goes and makes Waitangi all about him. What a cock.


– NZ Herald