OMG, what can’t Peter Dunne do?

Yesterday?we saw Peter Dunne taking credit for delivering more money to his local schools, even though it was really a National policy announcement. ?Looks like he has?a taste for it now. ?Claiming National party policy announcements as his own:

UnitedFuture leader, Hon Peter Dunne is welcoming today?s announcement on new freshwater standards that endorses UnitedFuture?s environmental vision.

“At its core, UnitedFuture is about ensuring a better future for all New Zealand.

“That means we need to be looking out for future generations while ensuring New Zealanders today can have maximum enjoyment of our unique environment,” said Mr Dunne.

“I am pleased to see the Minister for the Environment taking a step towards helping secure that vision, not only by ensuring that our water ways are future-proofed for all New Zealander?s, but also engaging constructively with UnitedFuture?s policy to push for sensible and practical steps to clean up our water ways.

“Last year, UnitedFuture released an environmental package that outlined six steps for future-proofing New Zealand?s environment so that it could be enjoyed by current and future generations with a focus on riparian planting to help secure our water ways as part of that package.

“I now welcome its inclusion into the Government?s freshwater plan,” said Mr Dunne.

The plan announced today by Minister Nick Smith seeks to make 90 percent of our rivers swimmable by 2040, the announcement signalled a new national policy requirement on regional councils to strengthen regional efforts on riparian planting amongst other things.

You might think I’m being too harsh? ?This is how the presser was launched.

So vote United Future. ?It will have a long lists of things, and every time another party implements it, they’ll tick it off as having been achieved.

In the mean time, they will vote against that party and claim independence and an ability to ‘steer New Zealand into the right direction’.