Muslim country issues a Trump ” Muslim ban”, waiting for howls of outrage

There has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth over the so-called racist ” Muslim ban.” Despite this outrage the MSM have been quiet about the “Muslim ban” from an Arab Muslim country that has banned visas from five Muslim majority countries.

Is it racist for Arabs to ban other Arabs? Is it a ” Muslim ban” if the Muslims are being banned by other Muslims? Perhaps just like America, Kuwait is protecting its citizens due to the instability in the banned countries?

Meanwhile, the Jew ban enforced by 16 Muslim countries continues to escape international?condemnation despite there being no security reasons for the ban which is solely based on the nationality of the individuals.


Guest post:

So there has been limited outrage over those Muslim-majority states that ban Israelis/Jews. The hysteria over the Trump temporary ban on people from some Muslim-majority countries has been quite a contrast. At first glance, one might assume it is because those protesting don’t think Jewish lives really matter.
However, if there is no outrage expressed over the fact that Kuwait is now imposing a ban on Muslim-majority country immigration, we might need to rethink some assumptions.

Maybe, just like it’s a “war crime” for Israel to build in their historic land but there’s silence when Russia builds in Ukraine, or Turkey in Cyprus, or China in Tibet.?Maybe it is the messenger that gets some people so hysteria and irrational, not the message. It is just a shame that it is a relative few who shout and scream and many of them are in the media so the masses seldom have an opportunity to see the hypocrisy and double-standards in clear focus.
Thank goodness for WOBH providing some balance and perspective.


Kuwait issues its own Trump-esque visa ban for five Muslim-majority countries

Citizens from five Muslim-majority countries will no longer be able to obtain Kuwaiti visas, after reports the Gulf state issued tight entry restrictions that mirrored US President Donald Trump’s?Muslim ban.

Syrians, Iraqis, Iranians, Pakistanis and Afghans will not be able to obtain visit, tourism or trade Kuwaiti visas…

…Kuwaiti sources told local media that the restrictions were in place due to the “instability” in the five countries and that the ban would be lifted once the security situation improves.

…Kuwait is concerned about the threat of extremist groups such as al-Qaeda and the Islamic State group…

The Gulf state has witnessed a number of militant attacks over the past two years, including the bombing of a?Shia mosque?in 2015 which left 27 Kuwaits dead.

…Kuwait reportedly issued a ban on all visas for Syrians in 2011, but allowed those inside the country to remain.

It made Kuwait the only country in the world to officially bar entry to Syrians, until the US named Syria in seven countries banned from entering..

…Meanwhile, Trump’s Muslim ban has been met with widespread outrage since it was signed on Friday, although Gulf states have remained quiet on the issue.

Dubai security chief?Dhahi Khalfan?outraged Syrians and other nationalities included in the ban when he publically backed Trump’s decision.

I continue to wait for the howls of outrage against the Jew ban by 16 Muslim countries and the Muslim, “Muslim Ban” against five Muslim countries. Can you hear any claims of persecution and racism from the lefties, the media luvvies and the “progressive” politicians?