Ooops they chose a bad example to kickstart their “Hate speech” campaign

It turns out that Megan, the young woman who abused the group of women in Huntly has a Muslim mother. I have already pointed out that there was NOTHING in the video to?suggest that her abuse was based on race or religion but that was the narrative that the media ran with and that is the narrative that was?pushed by the Public Relations specialist ?Mehpara Khan who accused Megan of a hate crime. The PC thought police should consider standing down in this case as the rug has been pulled out from underneath their spin.

Megan Walton battles a combination of mental illnesses and she and her family say they feel let down by the health system.

On Monday the 27-year-old pleaded guilty to three charges, including two of assault, over the attack on Muslim woman Mehpara Khan and her friends.

“I’m really sorry that she got treated like that and had to see something like that,” Walton said.

“It’s disgusting and I’m sorry. But that isn’t who I am.”

Walton says she’s not racist and even told Newshub her own mother is Muslim.

Now she and her family want the country to know she’s is struggling to get the help she needs for bipolar disorder, social anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

…Ms Khan, the woman who was attacked, says she hopes Walton receives all the help and support she needs, and she wants her to know she’s forgiven.

That’s really nice how Khan after publically vilifying Walton as a racist as well as an Islamophobe has forgiven her for her insults and assault. I do hope Walton can forgive Khan for feeding the narrative to the media that it was a Hate crime against Muslims instead of a drunken rant and insults from a mentally ill woman with a Muslim mum.