When is a Blog headline not a Blog headline?


When is a blog headline not a blog headline?


When it is a?headline on the Opportunities Party website.

Gareth Morgan has a unique approach to politics. ?Trump reaches out to the masses using social media and the Opportunities party news section on their website includes a headline that looks like it was written by a controversial blogger. It even uses alliteration while insulting a politician. I had no idea that under Gareth’s economist exterior there beat the heart of a controversial blogger. However, closer inspection revealed that the article was not written by Gareth but by someone called Shannon Smith who slammed poor Winston Peters repeatedly in her creative hit piece.

Headline on The Opportunities Party website


…Without the media providing the stage, there simply wasn?t the opportunity to steal the limelight and send all the wrong messages about this important and historic powhiri from the original hosts of the event that saw our country?s founding document born.

Cringingly, there was one unsurprising exception. At first I thought it was Destiny Church march closing in on the marae gates, but then like a scene from Men in Black, and in front of his clutch of dark-suited, sunglassed MPs swaggering in to create his own stage between the Press cameras and the marae gate, Winston Peters materialised. On cue Mr Peters set about manufacturing a ?scene?, an ?event? to feed the story-starved scribes.

He ?demanded? that the press accompany him on to the marae, and when politely refused, turned to the cameras to create a story around his ?indignation?. The drama was enhanced by a marae official politely asking Winston to relocate. Chances of that? You guessed it ? just more grist to his posing and pouting to camera.

What a farce ? Peters huffing and puffing purely in an attention grab, the Press ? with their noses already out of joint ? sycophantically lapping it up and creating something out of nothing. So passes another year for the public?s impression of Te Tii Marae to be further poisoned.

The fact that Peters was welcome into the home of this hapu but lacked the grace to accept or turn down the offer respectfully, preferring to use the occasion to manufacture his own reality show, is just the latest display of this fellow?s substance. Neither did he turn up at the political forum at the marae ? apparently because there were no Press there to amplify his personage ? preferring instead to call the gathered public there a ?mob?…