Maori and Pasifika students excel here but Labour don’t care

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The Labour Party have made it very clear that Partnership schools will not be allowed to continue if they become the government. They are implacably opposed to them. Partnership schools were created in part to lift achievement for priority learners and Vanguard Military school which opened in 2014 has focused on lifting the achievement of Maori and Pasifika students. Their 2016 results clearly show that this focus is working as their students have achieved results significantly higher than the national average. If the Labour Party become the government they have said that they will shut down Partnership schools or force them to become state schools. They will do this even if the schools have results that are well above the National average and even if they are succeeding where many state schools are failing.

?Vanguard Military School ?/ Nat Average / % Above Nat Average

Maori Roll Based Results

NCEA Level 1 / 92.3% / 63.7% / up 28.6%

NCEA Level 2 / 90.5% / 73.5% / up 17%

NCEA Level 3 / 100% / 52.9% / up 47.1%

Maori Participation Based Results

NCEA Level 1 / 100% / 76% / up 24%

NCEA Level 2 / 90.5% / 83.9% / up 6.6%

NCEA Level 3 / 100% / 73.5% / up 26.5%

Pasifika Roll Based Results

NCEA Level 1 / 85.7% / 70.4% / up 15.3%

NCEA Level 2 / 100% / 77.6% / up 22.4%

NCEA Level 3 / 100% / 58.9% / up 41.1%

Pasifika Participation Based Results

NCEA Level 1 / 100% / 74.2% / up 25.8%

NCEA Level 2 / 100% / 81.7% / up 18.3%

NCEA Level 3 / 100% / 69.8% / up 30.2%

CEO Nick Hyde is very pleased with the positive results and credits both the staff and the students for their hard work. He said, ? This school is really making a difference, recruits see the value of a good education and many have turned their lives around.”

Under-Secretary to the Minister of Education David Seymour has congratulated Vanguard Military School for its excellent provisional NCEA results, announced today.

M?ori and Pasifika students in particular exceeded national averages. M?ori students achieved roll-based pass rates of 92.3 per cent at Level 1, 90.5 per cent at Level 2, and 100.0 per cent at Level 3. Pasifika students achieved 85.7, 100.0, and 100.0 respectively.

?Credit for these results belong with the hard working staff and students of Vanguard,? says Mr Seymour.

?When I attended Vanguard?s graduation ceremony last year, I witnessed first-hand how innovative education can change lives. It demonstrated the value of ensuring students have access to alternative schooling options.

?Partnership Schools give talented educators flexibility to lift achievement for students underserved by the state system. Vanguard?s strong results exemplify this, and I look forward to seeing more Partnership Schools results announced over the coming months.?

-Act Press release

One example of Vanguards successful focus is Lenari Taala from Kelston who gained her NCEA Level 1 endorsed with Merit.? ?My parents are really proud with how far I?ve come, they knew what I was like before Vanguard, now I?m motivated by my peers, family and the teachers to achieve my goals.? I?m really happy and proud of myself and I?m looking forward to the new opportunities ahead of me.?

Donelle Matthews, a parent from Papatoetoe said ?Watching the amazing transformation in Shanaya fills me with so much pride, admiration and joy. I know that she is going to go from strength to strength as she moves forward into her next journey. Shanaya started Vanguard with no qualifications.? She had 43 Level 1 credits and 39 level 2 credits and no intention of doing any better in year 13 but after two years at Vanguard she achieved both her NCEA Level 1 and Level 2 in the first year and then went on to not only achieve 80 Level 3 credits but also achieve University Entrance.?