More people are seeing Jacinda’s star on the rise

Claire Trevett declares the Mt Albert rout the most boring by-election ever. ? But it has once again boosted Ardern’s profile:

It is likely by now Little is wondering if he could squeeze a bit more profile and a few points in the polls out of having Ardern as his deputy instead of King.

That is no indictment of King – but there is a bit of magic about Ardern.

The by-election was a handy chance to road test how the two went side by side on the campaign trail.

Other than that the only vaguely interesting bit was The Opportunities Party leader Gareth Morgan saying the by-election would be a litmus test on whether the party stood in the general election. It’s a silly litmus test – Geoff Simmons was hardly well known there.

Like a school sports day, it was reduced to being about participation rather than competition.

The concept of using Jacinda as political eye candy has to be considered. ?Other MPs jobs may depend on it. ?

Arderns win has left?Auckland Central exposed:

The only real ramification is that Labour can now bring Raymond Huo to address its atrocious lack of Asian representation. And Ardern doesn’t have to risk the ignominy of being beaten by Nikki Kaye in Auckland Central for a third time running.

It was always going to be a tough ask routing Kaye after the year she has had – battling breast cancer and likely a big promotion to Education Minister come May. But Ardern’s late shift meant Labour did not have time to recruit another high profile candidate in Auckland Central.

Labour may well have held Mt Albert – but the price could well be losing the chance to win Auckland Central.


Against a cancer survivor?

Even Jacinda is smarter than that.


– Claire Trevett, NZ Herald