And people wonder why I despise teachers and teacher unions…

You need look no further than this stunt at an Auckland primary school where teachers are politicising issues to the children they are supposed to be teaching how to read, write and do mathematics.

Mangere Bridge School in south Auckland recently cordoned off a part of the property and told students that a building would be constructed there.

The brainchild of deputy principal Emma Ala’alatoa-Dale, she says this was the “tuning in” experience for its student inquiry titled Progress vs Preservation as a way of educating the students about the market forces of capitalism.

Would those be the market forces of capitalism that provide the taxes that pay the wages of these so-called teachers?

Every term a student inquiry is held. This term’s question is ‘How can we preserve the past to protect the future?’.

“The tensions of progress vs preservation are playing out across wider Auckland including at Ihumatao and Point England Reserve currently.

“We need to ensure that our students have the tools and the knowledge to be able to join the debate because it is their future,” she says.

At the end of each term, the students share what they have learned with their family, and this term they are hosting a spoken word poetry slam.

Having been a school teacher for over eight years, Ala’alatoa-Dale said?the best kind of learning happened?when you “draw in the whole community, when everyone can join the conversation and when everyone’s opinions are valued”.

In order to prepare the students for the future, she is helping them develop their ability to become problem solvers who know how to ask questions, seek out information, make decisions and take action for change.

Last year, in term three there was an inquiry into homelessness.

“All of our students now understand we are in need of reasonably priced, liveable housing in Auckland.

“Our job as a school is not to impart a political stance but it is to educate our future problem solvers so that the world we live in, in the future will not repeat the mistakes of the past,” she said.

So when it comes down to progress or preservation she says the both “must go hand in hand for us to be able to move into a better future”.

How many of the kids she teaches are homeless? I’d suggest none.

Emma Ala’alatoa-Dale is a tweecher?shamelessly using the kids at her school publicly on her Twitter feed.

This is the sort of rubbish she is teaching kids:

Activist tweechers make me sick.

It seems dishonesty and trickery are her preferred?methods of “teaching”.


– Fairfax