Peter Dunne is facing possible jail time

In principle, anyway. ?This is why

Peter Dunne is facing possible jail time after he admitted being a party to the illegal importation of cannabis based medicine Elixinol.

The fact Peter Dunne broke the law proves that medical cannabis needs to be produced in New Zealand, Mt Albert candidate Abe Gray said..

“Lawyer Sue Grey, along with top government scientists, are taking the Minister of Health and Minister of Customs to court to argue it is illegal to prevent New Zealand hemp growers extracting CBD medicines,” he said.

“Today’s reforms around medical cannabis do nothing to resolve the catch-22 situation where the government and Ministry of Health have to break the law to allow access to US-made medical cannabis products, which are prohibited under federal law.”

The same reason was recently used to justify deporting US tourist and film-maker Michell Stein.

“It would be far better if medical cannabis was legally produced in New Zealand, something Jonathan Coleman and Peter Dunne have the power to approve but have chosen not to,” Gray said

“The National-led government has ignored the Law Commissions recommendations to trial raw-leaf cannabis.”

Responding to allegations that a cannabis activist intimidated Peter Dunne, Gray said it was a long-standing Green Party member who was issued with a restraining order and the incident had nothing to do with the Cannabis Party.

This blog isn’t a fan of our buffoon bouffant. ?We consider him to be well past expiry date and kept in place by successive governments needing his confidence and supply vote. ?The political leech has been responsible for some monumental stuff ups that normal MPs would not have survived.

But even politics has had enough of him, and the battle for his seat is going to be epic this election.

Loons like the Cannabis party can’t be taken seriously, but with Labour lining up the seat with a top candidate like Greg O’Connor, Dunne’s done.