Phil Goff’s fun police start cutting down swings

Phil Goff has started the new year by rolling out the fun police and tasking them with cutting down kid’s swings.

Kiwis’ DIY resourcefulness is under threat from the Auckland Council, which is demanding the removal of children’s swings on street trees, in the name of safety and tree health.

Parents in Calgary St, Sandringham, are shocked to have been slapped with notices ordering them to dismantle swings – loved by children – outside their homes

But the council says it is responding to a complaint rather than running a city-wide crackdown on street swings.

Peter Lord was told by a card left by a council official last month that the replacement swing he had erected only weeks early for his three daughters, aged 8, 11 and 12, was in breach of the Public Safety and Nuisance Bylaw.

Sounds like the council inspector is a nuisance in his own right. I’d like to see them tell a family in Clendon Park to take down their swing.

“In the interest of public safety,” the card reads, “please remove the swing by 10/2/2017 (if it belongs to you). Alternatively council may seize the swing from public land.”

Lord told the Herald: “I just see it as council being over the top.”

“They expect us to look after the berm but it’s their tree when it suits them,” said Lord, who willingly mows the council’s grass outside his home and intends to remove the swing.

“If they really do think it’s a nuisance, what’s the nuisance? If it’s a safety thing, it’s fine for me to have a swing out the back. It’s not like it swings out onto the road.”

Good points he raises.

I wonder if Phil Goff will send out armies of inspectors to stop kids sliding down council mountains on bits of cardboard?


– NZ Herald