Pike River hearing a “circus”, but not because of Winston

via 3 News

The New Zealand First leader clashed on numerous occasions with the new chair of the Commerce Committee, National MP Melissa Lee, who had to apologise to the submitters and the public for his behaviour.

“I’m not going allow you to turn this into a circus,” she told Mr Peters before turning to Pike families spokesman Bernie Monk, petitioner Dame Fiona Kidman, and mines expert Tony Forster.

“I apologise for this circus, I’m so sorry about that.”

The drama started because Mr Peters had been denied the ability to ask a question to the three guests by Ms Lee, prompting a back and forth of jibes, digs, and insults.

It looked like it was all over when Mr Peters apologised to the guests for the “ructions”, but he turned on Ms Lee again.

“I want you and those 29 families to know that some of us at Parliament are not going to take that sort of shut down or cover-up, and that is what you are guilty of Madam Chair.”


– Newshub