Police told off for using Taser on scumbag

In a report released on Thursday, the Independent Police Conduct Authority says the probationary constable shot a man running from officers in the back and leg during a chase in Mt Eden in October 2015.

“Police policy is clear that a Taser can only be used on a person who is assaultive”, authority chair Sir David Carruthers said.

“As the man was running away at the time he was tasered, his behaviour had not met that threshold. The officer’s use of the Taser on the man clearly breached policy.”

The man had earlier led police on a pursuit in a stolen Porsche, before fleeing on foot when the car was stopped by spikes.

The authority said the officer believed the man was trying to get into a house and fired twice to stop him. It accepted the constable was inexperienced and worried about public safety.

The probes hit the man in the leg and back. However the man pulled them out with no obvious ill effects and continued running.

The man was arrested shortly after following a struggle and charged with stealing a car, assaulting police, not stopping for police and carrying tools for burglary.

There was no evidence to support the man’s claim the officer had pushed him down a flight of stairs, tried to break his arm and told ambulance staff to “knock him out”.

“The force used by the officer to handcuff and control the man was reasonable andjustified in the circumstances”, Sir David said.

In a statement, police said while the accepted the tasering was a breach of policy, officers often had to make split-second decisions.

I realise it is policy not to use tasers on fleeing people, but the officer was concerned for the occupants in the house. ? There could be children there. ?It could become a hostage situation.

Once again, the benefit of the doubt goes to the scumbag, not the police.

How they do their job when everything they do is scrutinised with no room for latitude while every criminal gets to lean on lies, claims of historical abuse, drugs use or what have you and they ?get given a free pass.

In the end, if you are running from Police – and we’ve discussed this with people driving away from police also – you should face increased consequences for putting the police and public at additional risk.

If the police say “stop” and you don’t stop, they should be able to use any kind of non-lethal means to bring the pursuit to a speedy end.


– NZN via Yahoo! News