Why do politicians and their staff even use Twitter?

No good ever comes from letting a politician or a staffer tweet, unless you are Donald Trump.

No swinging voter,?ever, has been swayed by a tweet. So why do politicians and their staff even bother, it just seems fraught with danger.

It’s the last thing Malcolm Turnbull needs.

A day after hosing down rumours of a rift between the US and Australia, a staff member from the Australian Prime Minister’s own office has been caught sharing anti-Donald Trump propaganda.

Sydney radio station 2GB reported this afternoon the executive assistant to the PM’s chief of staff, Drew Clarke, had been suspended indefinitely. ?

It was revealed the staffer had posted an image on her Facebook account of a T-shirt reading Tuck Frump.

The shirt is from the website TuckFrump.com which promotes punishing a Donald Trump voodoo doll.

A video on the site is headlined “Trashing a toy Trump: dynamite, acid, flamethrower, molten metal, thrown from a plane and more”.

The prime minister’s office told 2GB host Ben Fordham the staff member had been “suspended indefinitely” for what they deemed “inappropriate” conduct.

“You would think that because this staff member is working for the PM’s office, she would be wise enough not to post something like this,” Fordham said.

“We know the relationship is already on shaky ground … a staff member in his office posting anti-Trump propaganda is probably not the smartest move she’s ever made.”

He said the employee has accepted the posts were inappropriate.

Stupid is as stupid does…and social media isn’t…social.


– NZ Herald