Politicising her position – trying for personal gain from children’s misery

According to Stuff’s “School Report” Merivale School in Tauranga has less than 150 students and gets funded at $7,500 per student.

Apparently, though they cannot afford to buy the odd blanket for the kids.

The Principal somehow manages to not only work 60 hours per week and be stressed and burned out:

Burnout of school leaders was significantly higher in rural and isolated areas due to less professional support.

Merivale School principal Jan Tinetti, who did the survey herself, said she was dismayed by the findings.

“I work about 60 hours a week, and I know lots of places do, but it is not sustainable every single week. It’s hard work.”

“I’ve been a principal for 20 years, and the stress has increased out of sight, and the hours have increased.”

…but she also has found time to be a Labour Party candidate in the 2017 election.

Worse – she is attempting to turn the life situation of the children into her own political gain:

A Tauranga school principal says substandard housing in the city is making children sick – with 11 of her pupils hospitalised within two months last winter.

Labour candidate and Merivale School principal Jan Tinetti said the sick children were living in damp, mouldy housing conditions.

They had a range of illnesses including respiratory infections, severe asthma attacks, influenza and skin diseases.

One student with chronic asthma was absent from school for 65 days last year.

“They are not just stats to me, these are faces and names that I see. We can get desensitised by statistics but we have to ensure we are keeping these children to the forefront of what is happening in our communities,” Ms Tinetti told the Bay of Plenty Times.

Some pupils were turning up to school sick just to be a warm environment, she said.

“You have to see my sick bay during the winter to appreciate how bad that actually is.”

Ms Tinetti said some parents could not afford to heat their homes.

“You walk into those houses and it’s bone cold. So they move mattresses into one room to keep everybody warmer over that time but it also increases the risk of picking up an ailment from another family member,” she said.

This is just shameful politicking on the part of Jan Tinetti, using the pupils at her school for political advantage. At least the Bay of Plenty Times have the integrity to label her correctly as the Labour party candidate.

One has to wonder though if she can’t cope with 60-hour working weeks with only 138 pupils how she will ever cope working much harder than that as an MP?

I think this snowflake unionist has run to the press far too often to be believed anymore.