POLL: Will National get your 2017 Party Vote?

Whaleoil will run a ?monthly poll to see where those who supported National during the 2014 election are likely to go this year. ? Hopefully we will be able to detect any shifts throughout the year leading up to September.

If you did not vote for National in 2014, and you do intend to do so for 2017, then this poll isn’t for you. ?We are looking to measure the “restlessness” among 2014 National supporters. ??

Normally running political polls on partisan blogs is pointless. ?Asking our audience who they will vote for and assuming that is a fair representation of the nation would be beyond stupid.

But in this case Whaleoil?is representative of the most committed and interested in politics that normally would support the centre right of politics. ?As such, measuring a shift in our audience will be significant as an indicator of what National supporters are considering at large.