Some praise for Dr Rob Beaglehole. That’s much better

Doofus Dr. Beaglehole making a dick of himself

Dentist extraordinaire Dr Rob Beaglehole’s heart is in the right place. ?He’s sick to death of seeing beautiful young children’s teeth rotten to stumps. ?And he wants to do something about it.

Where people like Dr Rob have gone wrong in the past is by targeting one or two manufacturers of soft drinks, and nobody else. ? ?This is where the crusade for better teeth (forgive me) rings hollow. ?Because threats to dental health don’t just come in one brand of fizzy drink.

This is why I am heartened to read the following. ?

A teaspoon icon will help to clear up confusion over the amount of sugar in drinks, the Dental Association says.

It says research has shown that some fruit juices have higher levels of sugar than fizzy drinks.

But finding out how much sugar there is in a particular beverage can be a confusing exercise for a shopper in a supermarket.

The association says a clearer method is needed.

“A sugary drink teaspoon icon is much simpler than ‘100ml per serve’,” spokesman Dr Rob Beaglehole.

“So instead of focusing on the type of drink, customers could look at a label that states ‘contains 16 teaspoons of sugar’. It’s about simplification, and comparing like with like.”

Dr Beaglehole said this broad approach would benefit not just childhood obesity levels, but type two diabetes, as well as dental health.

I can’t argue with that. ? If there is a consistent approach with a graphic showing the amount of ‘sugar’ in a product, no matter if it is a soft drink, or a fruit drink, or an iced coffee, or even a sweet bread or cake, then at least the argument is clearly about nutritional information and health.

These jihads on specific manufacturers have always been counter productive, and the usual bunch of troughers haven’t figured out yet that consumers can see the difference.

Show me spoons on sweetened yoghurt. ?Show me spoons on unsweetened berry yoghurt. ? Whaleoil can retire the bulk of its criticism if the focus is genuinely on health, and not on trying to destroy a few legally operating businesses using funds extracted from the taxpayer.

For what it is worth,?Whaleoil supports healthier lives, healthier bodies, and healthier teeth. ?But ?advocates have to stop being stupid radicals.

So well done, Dr Rob. ?Let’s hope some of your fellow travellers?in the health advocacy area can see the benefits.


– NZN via Yahoo! News