The pushback against political violence in America has begun

I read every day now about violence inside America from various groups,?Black Lives Matter, Muslim activists, so-called Anti-fascist groups like Anitfa?and others. An indication of the anger inside America in reaction to all this violence can be seen in this e-mail sent to me by Jack Daly.

Dear Patriot Friend,

By now you?ve heard about the young thugs who?viciously attacked and brutalized my teenaged son because he expressed support for Donald Trump.

These dreadlock-wearing punks shrieked ?F*** Donald Trump? in this gentle boy?s face over and over again as they cornered him, and cast repeated insults about white Americans.

Barack Obama has many blacks, Muslims, and illegal aliens feeling they have the right to attack Trump supporters, cops, businesses, white kids ? anything and anybody ? without going to jail or getting deported.

?Black Lives Matter? mobs chant,??What do we want?? Dead cops!? When do we want them?? Now!?

So in New York, Muslim radicals bashed cops in the head with hatchets and meat cleavers.? Hordes of thugs, vandals, and looters trashed Baltimore, Charlotte, and Milwaukee.? Black Nationalist snipers stalked and murdered five cops in Dallas and shot six in Baton Rouge.? It?s anarchy.

I?m sick of it, and I?ve decided to do something about it.? My wife and I have launched the National Campaign to lay the groundwork for?SHERIFF DAVID CLARKE to run for the United States Senate in Wisconsin?to replace Left-wing extremist Tammy Baldwin!

…Milwaukee?s conservative black Sheriff CORRECTLY says ?BLACK LIVES MATTER? is a hate group, and calls it??Black LIES Matter.?

Sheriff Clarke serves on two NRA committees and infuriated the gun grabbers by airing radio ads telling the citizens of Milwaukee to arm themselves against criminals so they can fight back when the cops aren?t around.

Fourteen years ago Sheriff Clarke was already calling liberal state legislators??race hustlers and demagogues??for claiming white racism was the cause of poverty and crime in Milwaukee?s black ghettos…

…You know what he told the crowd at President Trump?s inaugural ?Deplora-Ball??? He?s tired of the do-gooders saying we have to ?reach across the aisle? and make compromises:??The only reason I?ll be reaching across the aisle is to grab one of them by the throat!?

…Does your Senator call the failed public schools incubators for future criminals, and condemn affirmative action programs that keep whites and Asians out of our better colleges and universities?

NO!? Your Senator does NOT speak like that, because?nobody in Washington does.

Let?s start working TODAY to get us one who does ? Sheriff David Clarke.

…In speeches he quotes Judge Robert Bork and Thomas Sowell.? He patrols Milwaukee on horseback, and?lists his heroes as Justice Scalia, Clarence Thomas, President Reagan, and John Wayne.? He tells Trump rallies,??You guys know I don?t take no crap from the Left, and I?ll get my knuckles bloody when I have to.?

I love this man!? How can you not?? Rush and Hannity and Coulter love him, and Mark Levin says he should be President one day!

David?s own love and concern for black youth in the ghettos of Milwaukee and elsewhere cannot be doubted, and he knows where criminals and ghettos come from:???When there are no fathers around to shape a young black boy?s behavior,??he tweeted,??he grows up an unsocialized misfit that cops have to deal with aggressively.? The damage modern liberalism and the Democrat Party have done to the black family is unforgivable.?

That?s the truth.? We all know it.? But it seems only David Clarke has the guts to say it.

And yet this loving and courageous man faces constant attacks by vulgar liberals offended that he does not stay on the plantation.

All black conservatives hear it.? He?s an Uncle Tom.? A self-loather.? Traitor to his race.? ?The acceptable Negro for white[s],? as?Milwaukee Magazine?put it.


But I?m confident Sheriff Clarke is willing to withstand the slimy trash-talking and the death threats and all the rest, so long as he knows you and I will stand with him!

…P.S. When thugs beat up our son for supporting Trump, my wife and I knew we had to do something.? We?re donating our time and money because we need a leader like Sheriff Clarke in the U.S. Senate … not a ?Black Lives Matter? radical like Leftist Tammy Baldwin…

The tide is turning and the violent demonstrations by the anti-Trump groups will harden many American’s resolve to do something about it. Instead of furthering their cause the violence of ?Black Lives?Matter, Muslim activists and so-called anti-fascist groups like Antifa will result in a wave of political pushback against them because every action creates an equal and opposite reaction and their ongoing violence to push their political agendas are provoking a lot of anger.