He really can’t shake the ‘the only parasites are employers’ thing, can he?

In 2012, before he had the unions shoe-horn him into the leadership, Andrew Little had quite a bit to say about employers. Back then he said; “The only parasites are employers…”.

Yesterday he reiterated that with an angry little rant on the steps of the Cadbury factory in Dunedin, flanked by his bovver boy local MPs.

Labour leader Andrew Little took aim at an American food giant, saying a decision to close a profitable Dunedin factory was nothing more than “greed”.

Little, told media outside the factory that?while it?would be nice if?a case could be put to?Mondelez?International, which own Cadbury, to keep the Dunedin factory open “they seem pretty determined to close down the plant here”.

“Cadbury are doing this not because the plant isn’t profitable, they just want more profit out of it.?They are doing it for greed.” ?

The company?had been planning on shutting down the plant for over a year, “so the fallback then has to make sure the?workforce is looked after”.

He urged the company to give its?350 workers?redundancy, if they chose to leave before the factory’s closure early next year.

To help those seeking work the company should also assist in providing training initiatives for job seekers.

So, Cadbury has determined that it isn’t in the best interests of their company to keep a factory open, and Andrew Little comes along, insults them, then demands they pay for workers leaving early? What planet is this fool on?

He also took issue with the company’s gagging order, saying “they should knock off their mega global corporate?sort of autocratic tendencies”.

The only person with autocratic tendencies is Andrew Little, showing us just what a nasty ex-union boss looks like. He continues his tirade.

“People have to be allowed to say how they feel about it.”

Little said he did not support boycotting Cadbury products as “it was the least helpful thing to happen”.

New Zealanders should urge the company to put pressure on the company “to do the right thing”.

Meanwhile the company should “pull its head in”, after giving the union only 10 days to respond.

“That is pretty stupid stuff from a mega global corporate.”

I’ve got news for Andrew Little. The company is doing the right thing…by its shareholders, which is what the shareholders want them to do. That is the only imperative for any company. Calling a company stupid, implying they are wrong and telling them in union speak to pull their head just invites the type of response I’d give if threatened?by a short-arsed union boss…”Or what?”

Andrew Little is proving without a shadow of a doubt that he is unsuited to the role of Prime Minister, let alone leader of the opposition.

Taxpayers had paid?about $2 million to keep the factory here, and “it would be a pity if this Government, knowing it was going to happen, didn’t do anything about it”.

Which government paid that? Oh, that’s right, it was Helen Clark’s government. Corporate welfare is evil, and yet again has been shown to be useless. I warned about this closure 5 years ago. I was ridiculed back them, also by Clare Curran who said I was irresponsible. Well, it turned out I was right and she should have listened to me.

Labour has shown, yet again, that they are the Nasty party, led by a nasty little man.


– Fairfax, Kiwiblog