Rodney Hide on Climate Change

Rodney calls time on the busted flush that is the climate change?industry:

The glaciers are retreating.?The glaciers are retreating.?Humans are cooking the planet!

Hang on, the glaciers are advancing.?They?re advancing.?Humans are cooking the planet!

That?s the conclusion of NIWA and Victoria University scientists in a paper published in Nature Communications this month.?I am summarising their findings.

Here’s the background: at least 58 New Zealand glaciers advanced for the 25 years between 1983 and 2008, with Fox and Franz Josef?glaciers advancing almost continuously during the period.

That advance is neither here nor there in the debate about whether burning fossil fuels is dangerously cooking the planet. ?

But retreating glaciers ??like distraught polar bears ??are the poster children for human-induced global warming.?The 25-year advance is ?anomalous? to the story of humans destroying the world.

The plucky New Zealand scientists set out to address the anomaly.?They modelled the glaciers to find that a spell of “regional cooling” explained 56%?of the total ice volume anomaly during the period of advance.?That compared to total precipitation explaining only 27%.

All good.?It would appear surface temperature is the more important driver, not precipitation as previously thought.

All of this is reasonably ho-hum but then our intrepid scientists wrote this in their abstract: ?While this sequence of climate variability and its effect on New Zealand glaciers is unusual on a global scale, it remains consistent with a climate system that is being modified by humans.?

Say what?

Exactly, none of it makes sense and if you dare challenge it then they claim they are being bullied and there is a chilling effect on science if people criticise them. I even know personally of two scientists who use defamation laws to try to silence critics, without even the most basic understanding of how ironic it is to claim that criticism is chilling but defamation laws aren’t.

I have read and re-read the paper.?The authors offer no explanation for that conclusion.

The advance of the glaciers is not inconsistent ?with a climate system that is being modified by humans.??I readily accept that.?But that?s quite different from concluding it?s consistent.

There is no doubt that humans could be dangerously warming the planet (we?re not, but that?s another argument for another day) and there still be ?regional cooling? and glacier advance.?But that?s not what these scientists are saying.?They?re saying the advance is ?consistent? with dangerous global warming, that is, in agreement with it.

It assuredly is not.?That?s what makes it an anomaly.

If the planet is warming then how are the glaciers advancing? We’ve been told for years that if the planet keeps warming then?soon there will be no more glaciers…the train engineer?Rajendra Pachauri even?did a study on Himalaya glaciers that said that before he was busted for sex crimes.

The great Sir Karl Popper in 1919 discerned the difference between dogmatic and critical thinking through his youthful flirtation with Marxism.

?A Marxist could not open a newspaper without finding on every page confirming evidence for his interpretation of history; not only in the news?but also in its presentation ??which revealed the class bias of the paper ??and especially of course what the paper did not say.?

And so it is with climate scientists: it doesn?t matter whether it warms or cools, the glaciers come or go, everything that happens ??and doesn’t happen ??is ?consistent with? dangerous human-induced global warming.

The only thing these scientists assuredly prove is that calling yourself a scientist doesn’t ensure that what you do is science.

Climate science is a fraud. Not a single one of their projections, models or claims has come even remotely true. If this was a commercial business the directors would be in jail.