Does Sam Neill work for free? Thought not, so why does he expect Cadbury to?

I can’t stand socialist justice bullies like Sam Neill, who is calling for a boycott on Cadbury as if some crap method actor is going to make a single bit of difference to changing Cadbury’s mind on closing their Dunedin plant.

Like most members of F.A.G. he thinks he is important. He’s not.

Kiwi actor Sam Neill has come out in support of Cadbury factory workers, asking people to never buy or sell Cadbury products again.

That will help the workers? Does he realise that if people stop buying their products then the rationale to close the plant is confirmed.?Learning lines is far easier than actually thinking it seems.

In a Twitter post, Neill asked all New Zealanders and Australians to “NEVER sell or buy anything Cadbury EVER again”?if Cadbury’s owner, American food giant?Mondelez?International,?follows through with the closure of its Dunedin factory.

Neill also tweeted Dunedin was his home town and closing the Cadbury factory was, “ripping the guts out of a community and its history”.

Don’t boycotts rip the guts out of a company? Oh, that’s right, he’s an actor, they have a dispensation for hypocrisy.

In a bid to stop?Mondelez?from shutting down the factory, Kiwis have started social media campaigns calling on people to boycott the corporation’s products, which range from Kraft peanut butter to?Moccona?coffee.

A “Boycott Cadbury NZ” Facebook page was set up in the wake of the announcement and has been liked?almost 1000 times. And a petition, “Cadbury reconsider closure of your Dunedin factory“, was started on Saturday and has almost 1000 signatures.

Yeah because a boycott will save those workers jobs…not.

Obviously, these muppets plus those at F.A.G. haven’t yet got the memo from the union.

E t? says Cadbury?s Dunedin workers are asking the public not to boycott Cadbury?s chocolate, as this could hasten the loss of their jobs.

E t? has spoken with workers following Thursday?s shock announcement the Dunedin factory will close.

Chas Muir, E t??s Industry Co-ordinator, Food says workers have been enormously moved and heartened by the tremendous outpouring of support for them following the announcement.

?It is very clear from the response across social media, talk-back and via media polls that the public has taken this news hard, and they are looking for ways to support these workers.

?This closure of a profitable factory isn?t just a poor economic decision.? It?s obvious it is going to do huge harm to this brand, wherever the chocolate is produced,? says Chas.

However, he says workers want the public to continue to support local production ?because this secure their jobs until and if this factory closes,? he says.

?Our union?s position is we don?t support boycotts if they threaten jobs.?

E t? and the workers have vowed to fight the closure.

Meanwhile, Chas says, ?We are urging the public to continue to post their support for Cadbury?s workers across social media and other channels and to lobby their MPs and political parties to make their displeasure known.?

Sam Neill has always been political. He just loved Helen Clark.

Here’s a thought, he could put his money where his mouth is and buy the factory and call it Neill’s Chocolate Factory and save those jobs. He won’t though?because while he earns millions acting badly, he’s a socialist and wants other people to pay.

If he was an honest broker he’d work for free surely, just having basic expenses, like accommodation in hostels and a daily food allowance at McDonalds instead of his massive fees for reciting lines from a script. It is ok for him to turn a profit but not Cadbury?

The union might like to assist and match Sam Neill’s contributions dollar for dollar. It’s not like they are poor, they are sitting on millions themselves.

Cadbury exists to please shareholders not members of F.A.G. like Sam Neill. I wonder how his business would cope with a boycott? The problem is conservatives don’t call for boycotts, that is the preserve of the left-wing.


– Fairfax