The security of the country is the “number one responsibility” of a politician

Winston Peters said in an interview on radio that the security of the country is the “number one responsibility” of a politician. He refused to criticise President Trump and instead attacked the NZ Media’s inaccurate coverage of the story.

Bill English and National offer us economic stability and it seems that Winston Peters might offer us physical security. Winston is the only politician prepared to talk tough about the real immigration threats that the world faces. What he hasn’t done yet is offer us an immigration policy that will do for New Zealand what President Trump is already doing for America.

David Seymour is the only leader so far to offer us an improvement on our current system. If Winston Peters or David Seymour or even Bill English can offer me a Trump-like immigration policy that actually does something effective to protect New Zealand then they will get my vote. If National will not protect us then we need a strong coalition partner for them that will.

I agree that the security of our country in these dangerous times should be number one on a leader’s political agenda.

Our politicians need to stop listening to the hysterical anti-Trump media and ask themselves why Trump won and why he is so popular.

As the debate about Donald Trump?s immigration order continues to divide the nation, a new Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll has found that more Americans participating in the survey approve of the President?s action than disapprove.