Send the murderer home

A former Zimbabwean secret police hitman is here claiming refugee status and wanting to avoid deportation after illegally entering the country on a false South African passport.

The usual pearl clutching luvvies are supporting him including Deborah Manning, Kate Shuttleworth and other fairfax journalists including Sunday Star-Times Editor Jonathan Milne.

A former Zimbabwe?secret police officer who murdered for President Robert Mugabe’s regime has?entered New Zealand on?a fake passport and is trying to set up a life here.

William Nduku, his tribal name,?arrived in New Zealand in 2015. Living in limbo, he was?refused asylum or the right to work and study?and has been forced to survive on handouts from friends and the expat community and could face death if deported back to Zimbabwe.

On arrival to New Zealand, the 31-year-old said?he immediately informed Immigration New Zealand that he’d entered the country under an assumed identity and was seeking asylum. ?

He said at 19, he was forced to serve in Mugabe’s secret police and participated in up to 20 murders, several rapes and multiple tortures.

He escaped Zimbabwe in 2007?saying his life was as risk, now he wants to start life anew in New Zealand.

Nduku?spent several months in Mt Eden prison. While in prison he alleged members of the Mongrel Mob assaulted him on a regular basis.

“It was awful. I wouldn’t wish that experience on anybody.”

And what about the 20 or so people he admits to killing? I bet they would have swapped places in a heart beat for a few hidings from the Mongrel Mob compared to what William Nduku meted out.

We don’t need him here, we don’t want him here, he doesn’t deserve to be here. Send him home.

Sunday Star-Times Editor Jonathan Milne reckons it would be criminal to send him home.

Spare a thought for Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse, because?those decisions simply don’t come any tougher than this one.

Many, many New Zealanders ? perhaps most ? will very understandably say our nation should not be accepting a person?who has been party to the some of the most reprehensible crimes of the corrupt Mugabe regime. That William Nduku should rot in a prison cell for the rest of his life,?not be?allowed to make a new start in compassionate New Zealand.

Would we be so forgiving?to someone who confessed to involvement in 20??murders?in New Zealand??Of course not.

Is there a realistic chance?of him rehabilitating and integrating into New Zealand society? Unlikely. He has seen too much. The images he must see when he shuts his eyes and tries to sleep are unimaginable.

But there’s the rub: if we send him back to Zimbabwe, it will be to his death. There is no?way Mugabe will tolerate someone who has fled his secret police and blown the whistle on its abuses. Nduku knows where the skeletons are buried.

Our government can’t comment on individual applications for protected person or refugee status. But it seems certain that Woodhouse will be looking for a middle-ground; another nation that is willing to accept Nduku as a refugee. It is unlikely he will find one.

To allow him to stay would be foolish. To send?him back to Zimbabwe would be criminal.

I won’t often say this, but if you’re someone who believes in a God, pray for Michael Woodhouse. None of us?would?want?this decision?on our conscience.?

I’d make the decision, it would take me about 3 seconds and it would be to deport him back whence he came. He’s a murdering psychopath who worked for an equally murderous regime.

If we look at UN condemnations then surely Zimbabwe is a model democracy with only two resolutions against Zimbabwe. If we compare that to Israel with literally hundreds of resolutions then you’d have to say Zimbabwe is the perfect place for this fellow. One of those two countries is a democracy and the other is a dictatorship run by a despotic killer. Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

Send him home, we don’t want killers living here, we have more than enough of our own.


– Fairfax